Danny Kelly on Bicester & Oxfordshire Housing Market

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An Overview of the Bicester and Oxfordshire Housing Market

Danny Kelly is an estate agent based in Bicester, He specialises in the housing market in Bicester and Oxfordshire. Read the below article to learn more about the Housing market.

The property market across the UK experienced some considerable twists and turns in 2017. Confusion followed Brexit and there were changes in the Budget too. Add to that the fact that the country has an ever-increasing population that are all competing to move into bigger properties or their first homes and you know that the property market is never going to have a dull moment.

As one of the most attractive property markets in the country, many are asking how things stand in Oxfordshire. Many are interested whether bricks and mortar will become the most reliable property investment from, or whether landlords may suffer from a lack of profitability. Read on below about the analysis of Danny Kelly on Biscester & Oxfordshire housing market.

Oxford has always been an attractive choice for many an interested buyer. Being part of a commuter belt, it has long since been regarded as a highly desirable area. One issue that plagues it to this day though is the limited property availabilities. This is something that both buy-to-let landlords and first-time buyers experience. It has been commonly hard to purchase properties in the county as it has always been seen as an attractive place due to a number of factors.

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The government has, however, vowed to address this through improving its national target of building a total of 300,000 properties every year by the year 2020. Still, this may not necessarily improve the property market in terms of availability especially if one were to take into account the fact that the number of people that are looking to move into the area both from nearby towns and even as far as London has significantly increased in recent years.

A most notable place that has seen a considerable increase in interested buyers over the year is Bicester. Although it has long since been a favourite among tenants and buyers that are looking to buy a property and move to Oxfordshire but are not willing to pay the steep prices of Oxford, the last few years have been seen a significantly massive rise in this number.

Known for its city garden status, the town has been known for its good road. It is also quite popular due to its rail link to the Midlands, the North, and to London. Regeneration is also huge in the town where jobs and shops and new homes are created constantly. The range of good schools and amenities and the wide range of properties offered here make this a very attractive destination for many an interested home buyer or potential landlord.

The demand for properties in Bicester and Oxfordshire is expected to remain high. With stunning scenery, easy access to the capital, as well as having the pull of one of the highest regarded universities in the world, it is expected that price values for properties in the area are expected to be retained. Oxfordshire also looks to have the means to weather the after-effects of a post-Brexit storm in the property market. 

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